Exhibition : Entanglements, Embodiments, Positions


Entanglements, Embodiments, Positions

08.06.- 05.08.2018 Open Friday - Sunday, 2 - 7 pm

Entanglements, Embodiments, Positions, is a period of commissioned artistic engagements within the village of Treignac during summer 2018. It facilitates artistic processes by Asbjørn Skou, Jon Benjamin Tallerås and Tessa Zettel & Valentina Karga in the material-social-economic context of Treigac Projet and the village's public spaces. Artists within the Entanglements, Embodiments, Positions project will work with the specific public realities of Treignac such as fermentation, village common-spaces, local materiality and rural narratives.

The central focus of Entanglements, Embodiments, Positions, is to establish conversations on how artistic practice forms its relations to versatile human, non-human, material, economic and infrastructural agential aspects around and within it. It is a meditation on how artistic practice, artwork, institutions, intra-structures, materialities, village space & architecture, agricultural environment and other aspects of a context, form an ontological landscape where art and earthly reality, as a local and worldly process, occur. The aim is to highlight different relations and engagements with the “site” and “context” that artistic practice can form with its natural-cultural environments and what kind of ontological, epistemological and ethical formulations emerge.

Artistic practises and their relation to processes that are normally considered to be “outside” of those practices, offer the possibility to examine and materialize sensibilities of entangled intra-actions of matter and meaning. The project looks into these intra-actions and entanglements within the European rural environment, which has been transformed from being a local agriculture-driven community, through the industrial period, to the contemporary tourism-driven economy. Treignac is set on the Plateau de Millevaches in the centre of France. It is an area that has been traditionally poor and has a long tradition of resistance and openness to ‘left’ traditions as well as social experimentation. The project will draw on these histories to open up new ways of entangling, embodying and positioning contemporary artistic practice.

Entanglements, Embodiments, Positions is a continuation of the Entangling Matter and Meaning, project organised at Treignac Projet in 2017 by artist Jaana Laakkonen and Sam Basu and curator Jussi Koitela. It looked into artistic and curatorial practices as material-discursive entanglements within the framework of feminist philosopher of science, Karen Barad.

Entanglements, Embodiments, Positions is curated by Jussi Koitela. It is supported by Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA). Treignac Projet is supported by Mairie de Treignac, DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine, région nouvelle aquitaine and le département de la Corrèze.