At Home

In the light of the Karen Baradís thinking, artistic, curatorial and institutional practices are doings; in/voluntary ways of participating in versatile processes that are unable to fit in studio, exhibition space, institutional infrastructure nor in the spectator, artist or curator, neither mind nor body. Doing is co-doing - material-discursive and already very much more flourishing than the normalised stories and categories imply. How to do art, curate or institute, and who is doing? And what if the subject and object are results of specific cuts in intra-action, making each other, not pre-existing as the Modern tale proposes.

If the material-discursive entangledness, proposed by Barad, is taken seriously and work within the arts is understood as ethico-onto-epistemological processes, what demands does it set for an artist, a curator and institutions? It can be claimed that the commitment to a continuous re-turning of the patterns in practices crucially matters for lives and deaths amongst the diverse social, political, juridical, economic and ecological urgencies. First step towards a response-able artistic, curatorial and institutional agency is to acknowledge that every meeting matters and makes and leaves a mark in world and so attends in the World's Becoming.

Adjustment of the apparatus is adjustment in what becomes im/possible. That is why we want to gather in July 2017 to process carefully; the apparatuses that we are working within, how to make artistic work public through Diffractive curation, and how instituting holds a potential to enable confronting, and suggest being with matter and discourses in such proportions that are often ruled out in need of clear stories. With this event we wish to feed the processes of comprehending doing really as doing - doing that is nonlinear, and to elaborate strategies and sensitivity on speaking, writing and doing artistic practices if a Thing is regarded as doing.