Organizing Team

Jussi Koitela
Jussi Koitela (b.1981) is a curator currently moving between different projects in France, Norway and Finland. He has since 2012 been working on and with artist’s responses to economical structures and discourses in the context of Skills of Economy curatorial research. Koitela is interested in developing curatorial and institutional practices that merge together different areas of an artistic practice, a research and politics in holistic forms.

Recent curatorial work include, Mattering City at SixtyEight Art Institute, City Agents at Estonian Museum of Contemporary Art (EKKM), Skills of Economy Sessions at Finnish Theatre Academy, Baltic Circle Festival and Kiasma Theatre and Untitled (two takes on crises) – You Must Make Your Death Public at de Appel arts centre. Koitela edited Finnish Art Policy Handbook, published by Checkpoint Helsinki and Baltic Circle Festival 2015. During 2015/2016 Koitela was participant of De Appel Curatorial Programme. Currently he is working on a long-going performative Agency for De-development in Tromsø atVårscenefest Festival (first chapter realized in May 2016) and Entangling Matter and Meaning event and Intra-Structures - Monster of Seven Lakes exhibition at Treignac Projet in July 2016.

Jaana Laakkonen
Jaana Laakkonen (b.1985 ) is an artist currently doing postgraduate studies in Master of Research in Art and Design programme in Sint Lucas Antwerpen. Since finishing her MFA (University of Arts Helsinki, Academy of Fine Arts) she have concentrated on exploring artistic practice done with paint through feminist, posthumanist, material realist thinking to seek ways to live and do artistic practice inspite of the binaries.

In 2016, her work has been exhibited in solo shows at Basis Projektraum in Frankfurt am Main, Sharing a Room, a Water Bottle and Who Knows What! at Treignac Projet and With Leftover Agencies at HIAP Gallery Augusta and HIAP Project Space in a show done together with artist Barbara Knezevic. Recent months Laakkonen has worked in artist residencies in Treignac Projet and AIR_Frankfurt.

Sam Basu
Basu (b.1967) is an artist, and director and co-founder of Treignac Projet. He has a strong interest in the dynamics of shared and collaborative arts practices and has explored these through the curation and programming of Treignac Projet since 2009. Basu also edits for the online journal Madame Wang, now based in Hong Kong. In 2017 he will inaugurate a new writing residency for the art space, RIB Rotterdam.

Recent personal exhibitions include WANDERING FORCE. For the exhibition Urban Exotic Dilemma, curated by Craig Cooper/ Wang Dong. Hong Kong 2015, ACTUAL POSSIBILITY OF ESCAPE. Lofoten International Art Festival, 2015 and THE PROJECT OF ART. Sam Basu and Kelwin Palmer. G39 Cardiff, 2016.

Treignac Projet
Treignac Projet is a rural Art Centre set in a former yarn factory in the Correze region of France. It programs a series of curated international exhibitions as well as artists’ residencies with a bias towards group and collaborative research residencies. As part of its vision to explore and simultaneously make available and accessible cutting edge approaches to contemporary art, Treignac Projet hosts conferences and workgroups to accompany its residency and exhibition program.

Treignac Projet proposes a different mode of delivering cultural work, it bases its approach on active hosting and promoting the discussions and negotiations that unfold between artistic practice and curatorial research. From engagement in this milieu, Treignac Projet explores the act and importance of ‘Instituting’ in relation to the intertwined social and political dimensions of cultural production.

Treignac Projet is set on the Plateau de Millevaches in the centre of France. It is an area that has been traditionally poor and has a long tradition of resistance and openness to ‘left’ traditions as well as social experimentation. EM&M project will draw on these histories as well as the large scale infrastructures that are in place in this rural area such as hydroelectric dams and wood production for the global market. Despite the seeming isolation of Treignac, it makes visible trends that are affecting the planet.

2017 will see the opening of an additional exhibition space of 300m2 for EM&M project.